The Domain Lord Corners .LTD Market

The Domain Lord Corners .LTD Market

The man they call THE PROPHET OF ROCK & COUNTRY BLUES who is also known as THE DOMAIN LORD due to his huge .com and .net portfolio of developed professional keywords in the .com and .net TLD’s and who had over 30 Million Plays on SoundCloud last summer when he released his new PROPHECY ALBUM for free to be streamed on the top streaming service for the under 22 year old crowd and had three #1 HITS in three genres on SoundCloud and put over 20 songs from two albums onto the TOP 10 Lists in 5 Genres on SoundCloud just cornered the .LTD market for premium high valued PPC keywords for dozens of Professional Terms in the .LTD business TLD known as .LTD. The fact is many professionals such as Doctors and Lawyers operate LTD’s in their practices.

So the group of followers that worship the words of THE DOMAIN LORD he penned many years ago in his famous Domain Name Investing book titled BIBLE OF DOMAIN NAMES and operate DOMAIN LORDS a homage site to their LORD where his words are considered THE GOSPEL of the DOMAIN LORDS are now scrambling to get in on what could become the hottest new TLD there is thanks to the amazing registration today by the one and only DR. SOL ADONI aka THE PROPHET aka THE DOMAIN LORD.

Dr. Adoni is considered to be like Nostradamus and more recently Edgar Cayce and even Count Cheiro in that he has proven an ability to PREDICT with exact details historic future events.

From what I heard through the grape vine today, Dr. Adoni was alerted to the .LTD and how open it was for registering PREMIUMS and jumped right in saying .LTD for professionals who are often LTD’s is a natural fit for the most expensive CPC professional keywords there are.

What did THE DOMAIN LORD register today?

How about these gems:

Dr. Adoni said in a phone interview today, “At first we registered these premiums to sell on SEDO or to existing clients already on our portals for these terms, but now we are starting to develop them to have more portals to help existing clients and add more clients to natural keywords that will score high QS scores in SEM management by using these EMD keywords.” Dr. Adoni operates an elite SEM company that manages large PPC budgets for professionals.

Dr. Adoni also gave this advice this Domain Lords followers might like, “Overall, the new TLD’s are highly a speculation play, but for professionals the .LTD TLD is a natural fit and the upcoming .INC will be a huge new TLD. Expensive CPC keywords in .LTD and .INC are probably the best bets in the whole new TLD game!”

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