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EZ 10% Down Financing





EZ 10% Down Financing


Brand for Car Repair Industry


Car Mechanics & Repair is a Mega Billion USD Industry

Manage and run a Portal for Mechanics in 3,000 Cities

3,000 Potential Clients just in USA

(3,000 Cities and Towns)

You manage PPC Ads to Clients Landing Page

This gets Car Mechanics daily new  leads

This is a Proven Lead System for Automotive Industry

Potential Value Using Domain Lord System

$100 Million USD

Financing Available 

Only 10% Down

Domain Name Includes

Site is developed with video

Includes Remote Training how to create Landing Pages for Clients

Remote Training also for Ad Account Setup with Google Ads

We will help you establish Lead Account with Sales Genie

That gives you access to info on Thousands of Tire Shops to Tele-Market to

If you run this as a business you will make lots of money

ONE Domains

ONE Domains - Buy & Sell Domains

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