to fetch 10M says famous Domain Lord Appraisal

The Domain Lord that operates iDomain Appraisals has put big numbers on the new digital currency known as Bitcoin as to potential values of Bitcoin Domains with a warning the whole crypto currency industry known as Bitcoin may not be entirely based in real numbers.

So despite many flags he points to in the Appraisal, he says it cannot be ignored and if fraud is involved in some base Bitcoin numbers such as users and transactions the overall concept is pretty sound as far as any fiat currency can be sound, it all revolves around TRUST FACTOR.

With major Internet Giants now accepting the coin and Bitcoin Service companies including Merchant Service companies emerging from the pack, Bitcoin is entering a new age of mass acceptance by some very bright people running mega-billion dollar companies.

So of course regulation is trying to now be placed on the whole concept which was based on no regulation, an ironic twist for Bitcoin.

A huge red flag was thrown in the Appraisal at a major figure in Bitcoin that being the new tenant at which is a Hong Kong based company that operates where most in the BTC (Bitcoin Symbol) Industry rely on data about the movement and value of Bitcoin. is only leasing for 5 years.

One red flag about is they now report almost 2M My Wallet users yet no one seems to be able to get a clear definition from BlockChain as to how they define what a My Wallet user is.

So barring a complete meltdown on Bitcoin due to FRAUD at which may occur unless they start to define exactly what their numbers mean, a leading expert in Domain Name values says since Bitcoin has a world market cap of 8 Billion right now and could easily go to 80 BIllion BY THE END OF THE YEAR the value of either or is 50 to 100 MILLION DOLLARS.

The value is based upon almost $50K a day would be needed in ppc spending to dominate the main terms in Bitcoin. So a major Bitcoin Player would have to spend $1.5 Million a month to eat all the major Bitcoin Clicks just being sold at Google now.

The main person behind that valuation puts that number on both domains since they will be worth mega-millions in just organic seo power as Bitcoin CPC costs start to skyrocket with new bitcoin related startups getting VC funding almost every day now.

8 Billion is not a major industry but as trust factor and bitcoin wallets grow it is expected that $5,000 USD BTC is around the corner unless a major meltdown in trust happens.

Bitcoin has survived many negative things and it’s like the energizer bunny, it keeps going and going. So what the feds seized a BTC wallet of a drug market operator, so what, they sold the bitcoins for mega millions and by that action they legitimized the whole bitcoin industry as a whole to many savvy investors that are now looking over the plethora of bitcoin related ideas that need VC funding.

So new companies trying to start up within the btc industry are appearing daily.

I’ve seen a bunch of solid ideas for bitcoin recently, really solid ideas.

Then you add the daily new merchants agreeing to take bitcoin for trade in goods and services and as more and more major brands say yes to bitcoin, the whole phenomena may continue to grow even if some fuzzy numbers are being used by major bitcoin players such as

Please define what a MY WALLET USER is BlockChain so smart and cautious investors can stop asking what the real user base of BlockChain is.


As to why the value of is pegged at 100M for an end user and 10M for wholesale value by iDomain Appraisal

He points to just the volume of daily searches on Google and the current CPC values (Cost Per Click).  A company funded by VC money can now spend 20K to 50K daily in major Bitcoin terms he says, that’s 1.5M a month in SEM money. Almost 20M a year.

A properly developed keyword such as or can be developed to be relevant on major search engines and get MILLIONS OF DOLLARS worth of organic traffic.

The alternative is a startup in Bitcoin would have to brand a domain name and that takes mega-millions of dollars. So a keyword speculator will easily pay 1M at the auction of and may pay up to 10M if the auction moves to VC money.

If you understand the numbers the real value may be 100 Million today since the growth of Bitcoin shows no slowing down since the user base is climbing daily and it’s just begun.

With major retailers now taking Bitcoin it could move to 7M and then 70M and even 700M Bitcoin wallets very fast.

At which time the names will be worth over 1 Billion dollars.

So right now the names are valued at a 8 Billion Market Cap expected to grow ONLY TO 80 Billion as to the overall value of Bitcoin.

So is 100 Million too much when the future value of Bitcoin should easily be 80 Billion and then 800 Billion and even 8 Trillion dollars soon.

Bitcoin may produce the first TRILLION DOLLAR COMPANY in the world says the operator of Appraisal


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