Billion Dollar Domain Name Portfolio on SEDO and FLIPPA

Billion Dollar Domain Name Portfolio

Put on SEDO and FLIPPA

FLIPPA Portfolio

SEDO Portfolio

They call him THE DOMAIN LORD and his Billion Dollar PLUS valued Domain Name Portfolio of hundreds of famous developed websites is now on FLIPPA and SEDO and the world can now see what over 20 Years of Development is worth. It is valued at over 1 BILLION DOLLARS.

Over the last 20 or so years some brandable keyword and even prefix keywords have sold for many millions of dollars usually to a company looking to brand a great domain name.

When you put a business model on a brandable domain name it can fetch hundreds of millions and such names are usually headed to IPO land. was sold back in the day to cash rich AOL and it had only 800 clients on it

So what would the portfolio of a famous DOMAIN NAME DEVELOPER with proven business models and developed sites with thousands of pages of original content and traffic and lots of APPS already in APP stores and making lots of money be worth? How about OVER 1 BILLION DOLLARS.

Besides offering lots of famous websites that have operated since the early days of the net, the offering also includes some great new registrations in the hottest tld’s for business and portal development. In the offering is almost every major professional keyword for lawyers and doctors all owned by the same DOMAIN LORD.

The hot new professional tld in case you missed it is .LTD and while many domain name wanna be’s missed out on registering in this tld for professional companies, the fact is many professionals (Lawyers and Doctors) are some form of an LTD (Limited Partnership or Company) so for professionals the term LTD is something they understand and the business model of the DOMAIN NAME LORD is using his keywords to help hundreds of local professionals on one power professional keyword as he has done with many other professional legal and medical portals in .com and .net can that will now be cloned to the amazing new LTD tld.

When a local company has a SEM guru such as they have on staff for the Domain Lord that can use a power EMD professional keyword with high response content, well the result is a stellar response for local companies fortunate enough to be on the DOMAIN LORD’s network for their city.

These power LTD’s are in the offer and they come with the PROVEN BUSINESS MODEL of the Domain Lord that is a MONEY PRINTING machine and it is so good that a cult of other DOMAIN LORDS now follow the man they call THE DOMAIN LORD and his famous book written almost 20 years ago titled THE BIBLE OF DOMAIN NAMES is now considered GOSPEL by the fanatical DOMAIN LORDS that all try to emulate their LORD by buying brandable GEO and Professional terms and using it to offer IM Services such as SEM and SEO and raking in big bucks from what can become hundreds of professionals on just one keyword.

These are some of the EMD Professional keywords now owned by THE DOMAIN LORD in the hot .LTD tld that are slated for development soon and they will just copy his proven business model that have helped professionals for years in .com and .net. Basically a professional gets a high response page using the content of the DOMAIN LORD on a directory for THEIR CITY on a root level EMD. This gets that lucky professional top spots in SEM/PPC at way cheaper rates and the fact is people searching on Google and Bing CLICK such EMD’s at a far higher rate than a professionals business name. KEYWORDS RULE SEM and PPC for high CTR and with the right content a professional can see over 50% response ratios making their ROI on PPC really pay off.

Here are some of the amazing professional keywords owned by THE DOMAIN LORD.




Injury Lawyer

Criminal Lawyer

Business Lawyer

Homes For Sale


Land Trust


While these new LTD names are not developed they all have similar names already developed in the older tld’s such as .com and net that have operated for almost a decade helping many professionals make a lot of money from IM and SEM. Some of the older professional keywords are pure keywords and some use the i or 1 prefix. Now they have twins in the .LTD tld only without prefixes, they are power EMD’s for the most expensive PPC terms there are.

The fact. is over 100,000 Hours of Tech Time over 20 years went into building the most valuable privately owned collection of Websites in the world that are now all listed for sale on Flippa and SEDO with prices that will make domain name investors shake their heads, since they cannot get these huge sums for just keywords, they need a business model and content and proven income streams and apps to command MILLIONS per name. The most expensive domain names in the portfolio all have original content and state of the art web design and social media accounts and TRAFFIC and INCOME STREAMS.

The social media accounts of the portfolio are hundreds in numbers with many having tens of thousands of fans and followers and major KLOUT in social media. There are well over 1 Million followers on Twitter alone of the top sites in the portfolio.

So now public companies and private investors with lots of cash have the opportunity to take the creme of this Domain Name Empire of developed websites and make them power house sites that are destined to become major traffic sites. They are already brandable keywords usually with the magic 1 prefix and many are already nice traffic sites but each one could easily obtain mega millions of new users when new companies start to take over and concentrate on branding just 1 portal and not hundreds at the same time.

When you consider many of the sites have operated for almost 20 years and have decades of ORIGINAL CONTENT and lots of fans and users, and the fact they have APPS in stores, a cash rich company can step in and make any of the sites a major player in many types of industries. All they need to do is put a little APP store CTD on a proven site and bingo, millions of new users join the site via an APP download.

From News with the famous 247 News brand, a site that controls 247 NEWS in many tld’s and has a loyal following of fans could easily challenge any News Company as one of the top news sites in the world. 247 News is a major news marketing term used by almost all media today and for over 20 Years the DOMAIN LORD has operated his famous 247 News site which is an alternative news site that features live feeds of breaking news from every major news org in the world and some of the top alternative sites as well.

All it takes is a cool 100 Million to buy that one site and then a public company can spend another 100 Million or so and BUY millions of users via Googles CTD program (Click to Download). For a few bucks now Google sells companies APP DOWNLOADS in their stores. Then they will control THE NEWS INDUSTRY with one of the most famous news terms there is, 247 NEWS.

That is the level these sites are at now and it is why the DOMAIN LORD is now breaking apart some of his EMPIRE so what he build can be funded by public and private investors to take over their industry with his work and their cash by buying APP DOWNLOADS.

The websites have existed for years and have traffic and original content and the control of BRANDABLE terms in industries such as NEWS.

Every major city has a brandable GEO that is part of the offer as well with the portfolio controlling major city names with the 1 BRAND prefix THE DOMAIN LORD has build over almost two decades.

The largest sale in Domain Names this year was in fact at 1.8 Million and it’s an undeveloped .com with a zero.

1 City Names in the offering include the top cities in the USA and some in Europe and they come with a proven BUSINESS MODEL that will allow an owner of any city to take control of that market with a BRAND NAME

Imagine a local search portal with lots of local companies dying to be on terms such as











These brands have been proven to help local companies dominate local SEM by being a preferred domain due to the super network they names are on and for having quality content designed by the famous design team of the portfolio that has gotten local clients over 50% response ratios in local PPC/SEM marketing.

That unheard of success is why the brand names in the offering are so valuable, the names are all part of a proven BUSINESS MODEL that lets local companies dominate SEM and even local SEO with these powerful EMD’s for local markets.

How about 1 EMAIL as a brand, it’s in the portfolio offering.



Or the famous 1 SEARCH and 1 SEARCH ENGINE Project, that project alone is being offered at ONE BILLION DOLLARS.

Never before has such a brandable keyword portal level offering of hundreds of developed sites been offered to the public.

Some domain name investors do own nice keywords but none have so many brandable keywords with operating websites and APPS.

Some other GEMS in the offering are amazing numericals considered LUCKY NUMBERS by billions of people. New tld’s for business with either four sevens 7777 or five sevens in them. There are even names with five repeating 8’s considered by Asians to be the luckiest number.  So if you like 88888 these types of domains are in the offering at very low prices compared to the numbers being asked for the famous developed sites in the portfolio.

The portfolio also contains one of the greatest AI blocks of domain names owned by any one person.

For years the DOMAIN NAME LORD has owned

1 AIS .com or 1 AI’s

Now he has branded it across every major tech tld.

He owns (it’s developed and offers the fastest cloud hosting on the planet)

Here are the famous sites all in 1 Portfolio and it is an amazing site to see so many sites with so much content and APPS.

It took over 20 years to build the network of sites and now some will be sold and become major sites used by mega millions of people all over the world.

FLIPPA Portfolio

SEDO Portfolio

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